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LEATHER ALBUM This album is a must for the photographer seeking a clean, classic look. Many cover options are available to help create a one of a kind album.
TWO TONE ALBUM Mix and match two different cover materials to create a truly unique album. The possibilities are endless.
ACRYLIC COVER ALBUM The acrylic album has a modern look with an artistic flare. Each album is hand crafted using only the highest quality crystal clear acrylic.
METAL COVER ALBUM This contemporary style album is created by printing your imge directly onto a piece of metal. This effect creates a beautiful work of art.
PHOTO COVER ALBUM Customize the cover of the photo album using your favorite image or montage. This personalized album will no doubt leave a lasting impression.
FUSION ALBUM The trendy look of the fusion albums is created by pairing different textures and colors together. All fusion album covers are pre-designed for you.
MONOGRAM SERIES ALBUM Your clients' names and event date are embossed onto the cover material in a stylish design, creating and interesting raised texture, sensual to the touch.
CRYSTAL MONOGRAM ALBUM A leather album cameoed with a special monogram of your clients' name embedded with crystals
DESIGNER SERIES ALBUM Fresh, simple, and modern; this is a completely different look from our traditional albums.
ACRYLIC PANO ALBUM Create a contemporary look by adding an acrylic strip to your album cover.
VIVID COVER ALBUM Sleek and slim, with smart and sharp edges. The Vivid Cover has an image wrap cover that showcases your photos inside and out. There is no leather in the Vivid Cover album.
FABRIC SERIES ALBUM Get a casual elegant look by wrapping your album in a range of high quality fabrics.
WOOD SERIES ALBUM Enhance your album with the natural beauty of wood. Images are directly printed onto wood, and combines with the wood grain for a unique look.
MATTED ALBUM Classic and traditional, but with none of the hassle. Our matted album has all the conveniences of a modern digital album.
WOOD PANO Not ready for a full wood cover? Try a Wood Pano instead. Images are directly printed onto wood, and the pano is available horizontally or vertically.
CHARM SERIES Add interest with laser-cut acrylic openings, available in many different shapes and sizes.
PIANO BLACK Pure black acrylic, with a laser-engraved monogram, hand-painted in silver or gold. A luxurious album.